How To Buy Low And Sell High

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Timing the Real Estate Market is the only book ever written that presents a proven and clearly defined method for predicting the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles.

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When you read this book, here's what you'll learn ...

  • How to predict the best time to buy a house.  Find out on page 87.
  • How to predict the best time to sell a house, page 99.
  • How to maximize real estate investment  profits – and avoid losses. See the “buy” and “sell” signals for the past 32 years! Chart on Page 49.
  • Five key trend indicators that are your windows into the future.  All are identified on page 53.
  • How to identify the “sweet spot” in the real estate cycle – where profits can go full throttle through the roof. Page 60.
  • How to identify the four stages of all real estate cycles – and position yourself to have an overwhelming advantage when you buy or sell. See Pages 17 to 29.
  • How to “read” the signals that tell you the market is about to change. Go to page 72.
  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake you can make in real estate. Page 95.
  • 10 Cardinal Rules to follow – that guarantee optimal success in real estate. Page 117.
  • Why economists and market forecasters are usually “dead wrong” in making market predictions – and how you can profit from their lack of forward vision. Go to Page 85.

Become your own guru. Become self-reliant. Discover how to see what others cannot see – and how to prosper for seeing things first.

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