The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

Separating likely probabilities from whims and pure hope

When to Buy ... When to Sell

Data speaks 10x more loudly than opinions.

"How to tell when U.S. housing prices are poised to take off ...
and when they are getting ready to take a dive."

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Dear Real Estate Investor:

Would you like to know how to predict the peaks and valleys of the California real estate markets? Or how about knowing the best times to buy and sell real estate in 14 other major U.S. cities?

If so, this will be the most important and exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why: My name is Robert Campbell and I have tested and proved that you can predict the future direction of real estate prices with an 80-85% accuracy rate. Based on a market-timing discovery that I present in my book Timing the Real Estate Market, I started publishing The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter in 2002.

Since then, this unique market-timing advisory has been able to pinpoint the coming rises and falls – the booms and the busts – of major U.S. housing markets with a high degree of accuracy.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read
The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

  1. You’ll make intelligent decisions to buy or sell based on a 33-year proven and time-tested market-timing model, not subjective or biased market opinions.
  2. You’ll stay ahead of real estate trends, instead of lagging behind them.
  3. You’ll feel a greater sense of control than you’ve ever felt before. My market- timing model has had an accuracy rate that is over 80%.
  4. You’ll buy and sell objectively, not emotionally. You’ll let the “message of the market” (i.e. “data”) guide you, not the pull of the crowd.
  5. You’ll turn real estate downturns into once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities.
  6. You’ll know how to protect and manage your money. You’ll know when to be “in the market” for capital growth, and when to be “out-of-the-market” to avoid loss.
  7. You’ll buy and sell real estate in California and 14 other major U.S. cities like a profitable business owner. Making the big profits will no longer be a hit-or-miss game.
  8. You’ll be connected with key market data that is clearly predictive of future market direction. When the trends are getting ready to change, you’ll know about it first.
  9. You’ll be more aware, more relaxed, and more confident. You’ll be prepared for trend changes, and not be caught off guard by them.
  10. You’ll make more money in real estate – and with less risk. You won’t have to take big risks (or get lucky) to make big profits.

The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter is available from no other source and it is available to subscribers only.  The cost is $145.00 per year, and it’s published once every two months.

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Robert M. Campbell