The Strategy that Produces
the Highest Returns
in Real Estate


               Greed and fear are two opposing emotional forces that profoundly affect markets.


              Greed drives prices to levels of over-valuation – and fear to levels of under-valuation.


              Psychologists will tell you that fear is the more powerful of the two forces – which explains why Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) often leads to price bubbles.


             Do you remember the “buy now or be priced out forever” battle-cry that was shouted from the mountain tops by the National Association of Realtors back in 2005-2006 – which happened to be right before housing prices collapsed?


               How did that fear-driven message work out?


                                                   How to Get Rich: 

                                   Guidance from Warren Buffett


               “If you want to be rich,” says Warren Buffett, he has a rule that takes advantage of those prevailing moods:


                                       “Be fearful when others are greedy,

                                  and be greedy when others are fearful.”


               Warren Buffett claims he is not a market timer – but the above quote says otherwise.  


              You buy properties when they are undervalued and hold them until they are overvalued.  Most people, however, act emotionally and do just the opposite – to their great detriment.


              Buying low and selling high is the Golden Rule of investing.  It’s the strategy that produces the best long-term results.  




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