How to be Super-Healthy

          Even though I’ve always been motivated to be comfortable financially, my #1 priority for the last 50 years has always been to be healthy, strong and fit.


          I don’t care how much wealth any man has accumulated – if he’s in poor health, what’s the point of having a lot of money?


          There is no point.


 As a super-healthy 74 year old,

here’s something I’ve learned:


          When you have a strong immune system, you don’t get sick. 


That’s the way your body is designed.


          And it doesn’t matter how strong a flu is, a strong immune system should be able to defend you against it.


         While Robert Campbell is only a sample size of one, I haven’t had a flu shot in 25 years, and I’ve come down with the flu a total of ZERO times.


          What’s the best way to keep your immune system strong?


          DON’T eat sugar.



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