Making a Million –
My Way

               Buy low, add value, and sell high is my favorite strategy for making money in real estate. 
               My wife Pam and I plan on buying a high-end fixer in San Diego at bottom of the next housing cycle – and then move into it.
               We will rent out the home we currently live in, and make the fixer our new primary residence.
                                         The Next Step Will Be to Apply
                 Heavy Doses of Robert Campbell “Add Value’ Magic!
               I’ll do 80% of the fix-up work myself because my Dad – who was a residential builder/developer in San Diego for 55 years and who I miss dearly – taught me how to build, and I love it.  
               I know how to make high-end improvements to a home that are beautiful.
               Pam and I will ride the price appreciation cycle up and then sell near the peak,  and move back into our old home.

               The first $500,000 of profits will be tax-free.




                             September 17, 2022 Seminar


                              “How I Stopped Worrying

                          and Learned to Love Inflation”