May 2023 Timing Letter is available!


               The May 15, 2023 issue of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter was mailed out to my USPS readers on Saturday, May 12, 2023,  and it is now available to my online subscribers as well.


               Here are a few highlights:


  • The First Rule of Success is to avoid disaster – so I suggest you put this chart on your refrigerator door and look at it everyday so the warning sinks in!   


         What to do?  In two words, you prepare.  Get your financial house in order.  – Page 3


  • “What the wise do in the beginning, the fools do in the end!”  See chart on Page 4


  • The state of the U.S. foreclosure market – and how that will impact home prices – Page 2


  •  See the trend in housing affordability!   Is this signalling upside potential – or downside risk? – Page 3


  • What my timing indicators are signalling for CA housing prices – Page 5


  • Price trends for 17 major U.S. housing markets!  See which markets are strongest – and which are weakest – Page 6


  • Will the Fed pivot to pump real estate? – Page 10




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