Sept 2023 Timing Letter is Available!


               The Sept 15, 2023 issue of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter was mailed out to my USPS readers on Wednesday, Sept 13, 2023,  and it is now available to my online subscribers as well.


               Here are a few highlights:


  • Here’s where we are now.  Here’s where we are GOING.  Two must-see charts!     – Page 4  


  • Is the inventory of homes for sale about to PIVOT to the upside?        – Page 3


  • What my top two timing indicators are saying – Page 2


  • is Housing Affordability in the Danger Zone?  – Page 3


  • Price trends for 17 major U.S. housing markets!  Find out which housing markets are now trending DOWN.   – Page 6


  •  Have mortgage rates peaked out – or are they going higher?  See chart on Page 10


  • Why sub-3% mortgage rates make today’s 7%+ rates so dangerous!     – Page 10




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