Summer Has Officially Arrived in San Diego

Summer officially started in Del Mar, CA on Saturday, May 1st.

There were hordes of people on the beach – the most I’ve seen in over a year.

And I did not see one single person wearing a mask.

It was so good to see people’s faces again – and see that a lot of us locals are ready to enjoy another long hot summer on a magnificent So Cal beach.


Here’s a pop quiz for you …

What do you think a “basic” 2,200 SF beach front home in Del Mar sells for? 

I’m talking about homes that are sitting on lots that are 50 feet wide by 120 feet deep.

BTW, there are only a total of 72 homes in Del Mar that sit right on the sand – and every one of them is located along this one mile stretch of beach. 

The beach front home that Bill Gates bought for $44 million in 2020 is shown below.

It’s about 1/2 mile down the beach from where the the pic above was taken.

Based on the last 12 months of of home price appreciation in San Diego, that same beach front home would likely sell for 18.0% more today than it did when Bill Gates bought it a year ago.