Swimming with
the Tide


              Have you ever watched sea turtles swim to and from the beach?


              These magnificent creatures are always swimming with the tide – and never against it.


               Real estate investors might want to consider taking the same approach. 


               You don’t have to be invested in real estate all the time.  


                                Instead, Try only Swimming with the Tide


               When the tide is coming in and home prices are rising, stay invested. 


               But when the tide is going out and prices are falling, invest your money elsewhere. 


               Based on the 55% decline in median CA home prices from 2006 to 2012, it’s better to be out of the market and free from stress – than as measured from the housing market peak in 2006, to be waiting until 2020 to get back to break-even. 



                                               September 17, 2022 Seminar


                                                   “How I Stopped Worrying

                                     and Learned to Love Inflation”