The Perfect Recipe for Rising Levels of Inflation


               According to the American Farm Bureau, a traditional Thanksgiving meal cost about 14% more in 2021 than it did in 2020.


               Because of the actions of the U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve, this should not come as a surprise.


                                         A Powerful Formula for Inflation


               Unprecedented deficit spending that has been funded by Fed money printing has flooded the U.S. economy with cash — while the supply of goods and services has been restricted by Covid shutdowns and supply chain problems.


               This is the perfect recipe for rising levels of price inflation – and that’s what we’re getting.  


                                How do you protect the purchasing power

                                                        of your money?


               Should you focus on price appreciation – or cash flow?


               Should you be invested in real estate – or are other asset classes likely to produce higher inflation-adjusted returns?


                                               Deja vu all over again?


               If the future continues to resemble the past, what are the investments that will be priced very differently than they are now?


               This is what I will be talking about at MY NEXT SEMINAR that will be held on March 19, 2022.