How to Think Critically – and Make Better Real Estate Decisions

               Good decisions are made from good information – and knowing how to critically think.


The Right Way to Critically Think


               When I start writing my Timing Letters, the first thing I do is look at key housing data that tends to be well-correlated with price movement.

               I keep an open mind – and do nothing else.  That typically takes me about two days.

               After that, and based strictly on what that data is telling me, I then determine where home prices are likely to go next. 


The Wrong Way


              Most people, however, do just the opposite – and to their great detriment. 

              They start out with a preconceived opinion, and then seek out data that confirms their opinion.


The Rewards


              It takes an effort to analyze, reason and make informed and logical conclusions.  This is something our brain doesn’t like to do naturally.

              But if you want to make better decisions – look at data first and then think critically.  

              I learned a long time ago that the market is always right – and you aren’t.  




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