The Sept 15, 2021 Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter is available!


               The September 15, 2021 issue of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter was mailed to my USPS subscribers on September 13th.


               If you are an online subscriber, you can log-in HERE  to access it.  


               If you are not a subscriber, here’s a taste of what you are missing:


                                   Highlights of September 2021 Timing Letter


               How fast are home prices appreciating?  A picture is worth a 1000 words! – Page 2


               MUST SEE CHART!  What’s the downside risk for U.S. home prices – Page 3


               What sentiment indicator may be signaling trouble ahead?  See what the chart is saying! – Page 4


                Price Trends for 6 Major California Markets and 17 Major U.S. Housing Markets  – Pages 6-7


               The Art of War:  What should wise real estate investors focus on most, strategy or tactics? – Page 10




                                          October 23, 2021 Seminar:


                 “Is Inflation Knocking on the Door?  Or Is Deflation?”