Top Gun II —
Hit the Burners – GO!


               I’ve seen Top Gun I at least a 100 times – and although I thought it couldn’t be beat, Top Gun II is better.


                If you’re into high-performance fighter jets – and I am because I flew in the Air Force for a short period of time – the aerial photography showing the speed and turning ability of F-18 Super Hornets and the pilots who operate them will blow you away.


               In a society where mediocrity is too often the standard and too often rewarded, Top Gun pilots are looked up to because they are the best of the best.


Life is Too Short to be Average


               If you are a real estate investor, don’t settle for mediocrity – but instead develop the skills and mental strength to be one of the best.


               Top Gun pilots push the limits of performance while managing ever present risks. 


               You can do the same as a real estate investor.


               Train yourself to buy when home prices are depressed – and to sell when homes become over-valued and ready for a fall.  No other approach will generate a higher return on capital.




                                       September 17, 2022 Seminar


                                            “How I Stopped Worrying

                               and Learned to Love Inflation”