What my Dad Taught me About Money


                “Son, if you can’t write a check for it, you can’t afford it” is what my Dad would always tell me.


               Dad was a Marine, and after returning home from the WWII, he became a successful builder/developer in San Diego for 55 years.  But Dad grew up during the 1930’s depression, and the life lessons he learned were passed down to me.  


               Dad possessed old-school wisdom – and I have forever taken his advice.  Barring real estate, I have never bought one single thing I could not write a check for. 


               Rest in peace my friend – and thanks for all you taught me. 




               The above pic is one of my favorites.  It was taken in 2016 – six months before Dad passed away at the age of 91.  Two SoCal home-boys hanging out at the beach.