Why I’m Bullish
on Housing

Riding the horse in the direction its going has always been one of the pillars of investment success.

Right now, the housing market is in a full gallop. 

Real estate investors should therefore consider riding this horse for as long as housing prices keep rising. 

Don’t fight the horse.  Don’t fight the trend.

Accept the direction the horse/trend is going with no judgments or subjective interpretations.

As I emphasize in my book:  “The market is always right – and you aren’t.”

It’s human nature to over think things.  Don’t.  Stick with what gives you an edge. 

Another requirement for market success is that like playing baseball, you always have to be thinking ahead. 

As a fielder, I would ask myself “what will I do if the ball is hit to me?” with every pitch.

That way I was more likely to be prepared than surprised – which is good. 

If you’re invested in real estate right now, enjoy the ride. 

You’re riding the horse in the right direction.