Will Price Inflation Prick the Housing Bubble?

                Everybody is talking about “inflation” – but although it may sound contradictory, we face the risk of inflation and deflation at the same time.
                Even in the face of rising inflation and a proposed $3.5 trillion govt spending spree, the price of gold has fallen 8.0% in the past four months.
                                        Will housing continue to do well? 
               If yes – or no – why?
              Average household incomes are not even coming close to keeping up with price inflation.
             This means price inflation could eventually sink the economy as households will be force to stop spending money on anything other than absolute essentials.
                                   How do you protect yourself?
             Which investments are likely to do best – and worst?
             Talking about inflation and being ready for inflation are two very different things – and “being ready” is all that counts.
               This is the topic of of my October 23, 2021 seminar.
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